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I'm a bestselling author, entrepreneur, transformational money mindset & business coach, speaker, and dog mama dedicated to help you discover how you're specifically designed to make/attract money.

It's my deepest mission to bridge the wealth gap and that starts with healing your relationship with money and mastering your unique energy, so that you can then create the life and income you've always dreamed of. 

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How I Help My Clients Use Marketing Strategies That Align With Their Design.

February 22, 2021

One of the unique things, that I personally help my private clients with that I don't think another coach/consultant out there does, (at least not to my knowledge) is helping my clients map out an entire marketing strategy that works strategically with their design, using Chinese Metaphysics and Astrology.



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"Kristen has a gift in knowing how to strategically map out your business while also integrating your spiritual gifts. Everything she shares, from your purpose to personality to business, is always spot on, which gives you the opportunity to reflect and make the best decisions on your next move. I highly recommend working with Kristen in any type of setting, whether its a reading, as your personal consultant or her online programs. The tools and resources she gives when it comes to money, business and Feng Shui (huge bonus!) sets you up for success! There's no denying she is so talented as a guide and will definitely help direct you in the right direction! If you're thinking about working with Kristen do it!!! You'll love her, the results you'll get and the energy she puts into her work."


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I'm Kristen Noelle.

A bestselling author, entrepreneur, transformational money mindset & business coach, speaker, and dog mama dedicated to help you discover how you're specifically designed to make/attract money.







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