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I'm a bestselling author, entrepreneur, transformational money mindset & business coach, speaker, and dog mama dedicated to help you discover how you're specifically designed to make/attract money.

I'm not your average money expert. I don't give cookie cutter strategies that's given to the masses. Rather, I believe in customized approaches as we are all uniquely different. 

I enjoy morning chit chats with my garden, listening to rap music while I work, and hosting themed parties for my loved ones. 

I hope you find value in what I have to offer and stick around  for the long haul. :)

Hi, I'm Kristen 

My Journey


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Rowland Heights, CA

I grew up with traditional Chinese parents who wanted me to live out the American dream by climbing the corporate ladder. My mom and dad were polar opposites, while my mom encouraged me to try new things, all my dad wanted me to do was study. The way they both looked at money was entirely different. My mom taught me that money was a form of energy while my dad taught me to fear money and to never tip. Confused, I ended up listening to my dad as I saw him "bring home the bacon" not knowing that my mom was trading stock and making thousands being a house wife. I didn't find this out until much later.

I was always the black sheep of the family and wanted to see the world and do things that were out of ordinary. So in 2013, I left to Armenia to become a Peace Corps Volunteer. Who would have known it was this exact experience that gave me the skills to become an entrepreneur. I was placed in a women's organization and assigned to help these women market and sell their products. I knew nothing about marketing, story selling, coaching, and running a business but I figured it out. I spent many nights learning, researching and attending Youtube University and the next day taught what I learned. After seeing how desperately these women needed my help, there was no room in my mind to make any excuses as to why i was not good enough to help them. 




San Francisco

After spending 3 years in Armenia, I came back to the US without a game-plan. I was dating an American in Armenia at the time and found out he was cheating on me. On top of that I just left a country I had called home for 3 years. Instead of taking time to heal and adjust back to the States. I immediately took a job at LinkedIn in San Francisco. I was depressed for a year and unhappy at my job. Truthfully, I only took the job, to please my dad, afraid he would say my 3 years in Armenia was a waste. As a result, I continued to suppress my feelings, took antidepressants, and plastered on a fake smile everyday even though deep down, I was battling with depression.

After being fired from my job at LinkedIn for poor job performance (my boss could tell how miserable I was there) I went back to LA and tried to figure out my life. I thought to myself, I would never be happy. "If only I could do work like I did in Armenia..." That same year, I met my now fiancé Roger. He took me to a Tony Robbins' UPW experience and that was when I had this gut feeling that this was the type of experience I wanted to give people and do as a living. I remember so many questions popped in my head. Could I really do this? What would my parents think of me? Who am I to want to be someone like Tony Robbins? Who am I to coach people when I don't even have my life together. 


Los Angeles

Los Angeles


I took the leap and started the journey to building my online coaching business with the support of my fiancé. I remember I kept my coaching business a secret from my family for that first year terrified of what they would say if they were to find out. That same year, I must have invested over $30,000 on my coaches, mentors, certification programs, courses, events, and on my actual business! No one told me how expensive it was going to be to start a business. I didn't make any money that first year. In fact, I was definitely in debt and losing money. I was hustling so hard that I even cut myself making avocado toast during lunch one day and was rushed to the ER. I spent 4 months in a cast and it taught me to really slow down and appreciate the journey I was on. 

In 2019, I finally had a huge break in my business. This was also the year I made my first 10k month in Thailand without having to do ANYTHING! (Well let me rephrase, not having to trade time for money) I remember sitting on the bed of our hotel room, with tears of joy when we came back from an excursion and seeing thousands of dollars in my account from a client. My fiancé and I went to Hawaii the following month and I made another 10k (12k to be exact) and I remember thinking to myself, all of the years spent keeping the faith when it got tough really paid off. This was also the year I really understood how money was a form of energy and how to make money work for you instead of being a slave to money. I was overjoyed that I no longer had to trade my time for money.


Hawaii & Thailand

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It was always a dream of mine to be an author and in 2020 I was able to make that childhood dream of mine come true. In 9 months, I was able to write, edit, publish, and launch my book! But I definitely couldn't have done it alone. It took an entire village to help me. I hired my team to help me and I learned firsthand how to manage.That journey within itself was quite the experience as I like to call it my book baby journey. I decided to dedicate this first book to my future daughter Mya. I knew that with a book, I could reach more people and help bridge the wealth gap. If you're struggling with your relationship with money, I know in my heart that this book will help you as it has helped thousands of people worldwide. 

Los Angeles

Currently, I am living in Arizona with my fiancé and our two precious pups, Manny and Fergie. This year, I have big goals to sell more books and reach even more people. I hope to continue to serve through my programs, online courses and my latest book. I'll be launching a podcast in 2nd quarter and make my entrance back on Youtube at the same time, so stay tuned for that! To be a part of my launch team, CLICK HERE. I give epic gifts and throw awesome online parties and I'd love for you to be a part of it. As a personal goal, we'd like to explore a new part of Arizona each month. We are also planning on getting married by the end of this year! I am incredibly grateful for this beautiful life. Despite all the downs, I'd say it's been worth it. 

I hope you stick around and be a part of my journey...



Next Steps...

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