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Supreme Energetic Mastery

In this program, Kristen goes through her proprietary framework
The Cash Flow Trinity™ in detail. You'll learn how to master and read your own energetic wealth blueprint, heal your relationship and finally work with your energetic environment to double and triple your current income. 

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Moldavite Secrets


A 7 week program that will take you from a moldavite novice to a moldavite expert in terms with how to properly use this powerful stone to make huge strides in your life. Known as the stone of transformation, this program will help you navigate working with this intense stones.

22 Days & Wealthy


A 22 day sprint to help you manifest your first $1000. It's all about the number you can stand behind! I've had students manifest anywhere from $1000 to $10,000 in 22 days! It's time to upgrade your wealth consciousness!

Online Courses

created by Kristen

Kristen's Bestselling Signature Course:
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