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2021 Year of The Metal Ox Predictions

Updated: Feb 8, 2021

Before I start spewing everything I know about 2021, let's quickly reflect back on what 2020 has given us...we got ourselves some COVID-19, Australian wildfires, trade wars between US and China, Black Lives Matter, war in Armenia, and the sit-at-the-edge-of-your-seats US elections.

Yet despite it being an overall shitty year, (if you ask the general public) I'd disagree and say 2020 was one of my best years yet... I got engaged, I bought a home, I made more money, I started stock trading, and I even launched a dang book!

I say all of this not to impress you, but to impress upon you, that you actually have a heck more control over your lives than you think, and it's really your responsibility to create your reality (no matter how shitty everyone else says it is). Now before you throw your hands up and tell me, how I don't know what it's like to lose someone because of some unforeseen circumstance, I'd like to quickly interject by saying that I've lost two close family members in 2020. So yea, I feel your pain. Although our situation may not be the exact same, I know what it's like to lose people we love and to feel helpless in seeing them suffer. Now, that also doesn't mean I'm going to just sit on my butt and not live anymore. In fact, that gives me even more reason to live life to the very fullest and continue what I'm doing with even greater grit. I've got lives to change and two dog mouths to feed! Plus, life is too dang short to be living in fear.

So without further ado let's talk about 2021. Ok. You're going to hate me for doing this, but before I get into the really good stuff, it's actually important for you to know what the heck Chinese Metaphysics is and how it can help you in your health, wealth and relationships, (aka your life.)

Let me try to summarize it in a paragraph:

Chinese Metaphysics is basically studying the energy of our lives using time, space, events and people. When we understand energy on a deep level and the energy of this particular year, for example, we will be able to shape our destiny and our journey ahead. After all, EVERYTHING IS ENERGY. Our thoughts are a form of energy, our emotions are a form of energy; heck, even money is a form of energy! These energies, influences one another and can either create harmony or discord within our lives. Think about Chinese Metaphysics as the cheat sheet to a test you are taking. Or the ammo you pick up in a video game. It will give you the upper hand!! So you might as well take advantage of it. And it's legal!!! lol

In fact, CLICK HERE or the image below to see how you're specifically designed to take 2021 by the horns and thrive, based off of your unique energetic blueprint.

So, could we have predicted that there would be a thing called coronavirus in 2020? Personally, I have never lived through a pandemic like this one so I didn't even know what to look out for. However, the crazy thing is that when you look back on ancient texts, it had been predicted that there would be a year of famine in 2020. Back then, famines look different than how famines look like now. Obviously. Times change. Remember that our world is evolving so even though we have new changes, time is also cyclical. That's also why fashion trends come back. If there's one takeaway you got so far, it's that things in the past will always repeat itself. Stocks will always go up and down. You'll more than likely get into another argument with your spouse. This is not meant to disempower you, in fact this should empower you; this is Universal law.

Back then, people didn't have such things like the internet. They got no Instagram, Tik Tok, not even Google believe it or not, so all they could rely on was the sky. Literally. And by studying Mother Nature such as the sky, wind, water, landforms, they came up with a bunch of texts including such things like the Tong Shu calendar and the Mother Earth Oracle. How did you think people were prepared for battle back then? This is Chinese Metaphysics.

Here's what the Mother Earth Oracle has to say about 2021: (I've translated it for you in English on the right hand side. Please be mindful that this is text derived from farming days BG. (Before Google) so please don't take the words literally. Use your interpretation or read mine.

  • The year of the Grand Duke Metal Ox, diseases are still aplenty but less.

  • Agriculture down the Yangtze River is better than the previous year.

  • Rain in spring and summer, enough for the plants to grow through autumn and winter.

  • The mulberry tree blooms and so does the silk industry rejoicingly.

  • The people gradually regain their health, but the animals differ.

And the most important part of the oracle is the summary:

  • In the year of the Metal Ox, no matter what your status is, all are sorrowful.

  • There will be massive deaths and half are left over, but the survivors will grow.

Whoa. I know what's about to happen next. Before you lose your shit on me and get all pessimistic, I urge you to take a deep breath and keep reading.

  • Agriculture down the Yangtze River is better than the previous year.

The economy is going to be better than last year. (Yipee!!)

  • The people gradually regain their health, but the animals differ.

People will get better and heal but things will be different. Remember, different is not always bad. It's just different.

  • In the year of the Metal Ox, no matter what the status, all are sorrowful.

Ok this was harder to translate because in Chinese just like any other language, not every word can be translated, some words are lost in translation so i'll do my best... basically whether you are rich or poor, there will be losses. Remember, you must lose things for new things to flow in. Now you get why mindset is so powerful?! Imagine if you looked at all of what the Mother Earth Oracle negatively...

  • There will be massive deaths and half are left over, but the survivors will grow.

We are entering into a new era and that means EXPANSION, GROWTH, AND OPPORTUNITIES!! Also, can I just quickly say that you WANT to be part of the winning group. We all know that the wealth gap is widening right? Which side do you want to be on?

This is not meant to scare you, I hope this excites you. Right now, more than ever is the time to UPGRADE YOUR WEALTH CONSCIOUSNESS so you're on the winning side.

Speaking of wealth consciousness, make sure you CLICK HERE to grab my book Stop Chasing Start Attracting where I talk all about how to have a great relationship with money. Ya know, so money is attracted to you instead of repelled by you.

You're still with me right? Cause I'd like to go a little bit deeper by talking about the elemental energies of 2021 and how to strategically take advantage of the opportunities presented to us.

The Year of the Metal Ox

2021's elemental energies consist of both metal and water. If you understand how the five element system works, you'll know that metal produces water. Its a beneficial relationship. Which also means that anything that relates to metal and water will have an upper hand this year.

Top 8 trends and industries to look into this year:

(This is great to go into yourself or if you're into stock trading like I am and you can invest in these things)

  • Digital Marketing (technology + communication is a water element)

  • Ecommerce

  • Gaming

  • Online payment platforms

  • Wellness, spirituality, beauty - (healing is a water element)

  • Electric cars (really anything tech related will prosper)

  • Delivery service (Uber, Amazon, postmates, etc.)

  • Pharmaceutical

Basically, a lot of technology will have great advancement in 2021. Side note: Did you see that Apple is developing an Apple car?! Also, what's cool about Chinese Metaphysics is that we can look into your personal charts to see what kind of innate elemental features you have present in your chart. For instance, when I work with private clients on a one-to-one basis, I always give them their exact strategy to thrive for the year using their birthdate. After all, we are all so different. What may work for me may not always work for you. Hello! We have different energies. In fact, if you are interested to learn how I can read your personal charts CLICK HERE.

So let's end with this, and that is, to ask yourself: "How can you properly prepare yourself for 2021?"

Here are my top 3 tips for you to THRIVE IN 2021:

  1. Diversify your portfolio.

I'm not going lie, reading into 2021 the energy is stronger in the East and it's probably a good idea to hold different currencies or just diversify your portfolio in general. Aka, don't have all your eggs in one basket. It's crucial that you start investing if you can obviously. If not, figure out a way to pay off your debts and get your shit together. So many people focus on the strategy including myself, but strategy can only be useful backed by a STRONG MINDSET so make sure your money mindset is on lockdown cause you're gonna need it. Especially if you want to thrive in 2021.

2. Commit to your evolution and the evolution of the world.

Dude. How many wake up calls do you need to have, to know that the world is changing. So instead of complaining about it and being stuck in your ways it's time to start evolving with it. Sure, it may be uncomfortable, (heck, do I enjoy sucking at making Tik Tok videos? No, but I know my potential clients are on it) but the journey will be well worth it. So commit to your evolution and the evolution of the new Earth.

3. Follow the flow of money

Okay, so I once had a mentor tell me that instead of chasing clients one by one, it's better to find where they all congregate and position yourself there. That completely changed the game for me. I use to do door-to-door sales, okay. I know the struggle of speaking to 100 people a day to make 10 sales. It ain't worth it. And it's not a numbers game, it's an attraction game. What you wanna be is the person that everyone goes to. Be smart, make yourself attractive, valuable, and WANTED. Make your wants, want you. Read my book Stop Chasing Start Attracting for a crash course on attraction.

So there you have it! 2021 predictions. I'll be honest, I still have a lot more to share, but I'll save it for the next blog post. If you enjoyed this article and found it valuable please share this with your friends!!! Also, send me a message on Instagram and tell me your biggest takeaways. It's always fun to read all your messages to me. I get so much joy from it.

Let me know if you found this blog post helpful. And if you haven’t already, make sure you find out how you are specifically designed to THRIVE in 2021 by downloading my FREE 2021 guidebook. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD NOW

Remember that your destiny is something you can choose! Design your 2021 intentionally.

xx, Kristen


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