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3 Life Lessons From My Trip To Tulum

Universal signs come in three’s from my experience…

..and it is with immense gratitude for me to say that Tulum, Mexico has chosen me, to experience my deepest life lessons during my five day stay in one of the most magical places in the world.

When I took the call to celebrate my 31st birthday in Tulum, I knew that I would not come back from this trip the same person. It was an inner knowing that I had deeply as a 6/2 Projector, and just as I intended, the Universe delivered to me 3 lessons that I am honored to have experienced in which I’ll be sharing with you today…

Lesson #1: What it really means to say ‘NO’

On the 3rd day of my stay, I attended a Sexual Evolution class at Holistika taught by one of the authors of the book; G A S P. Although I wish I had the chance to catch her name, I’d say that was probably the best 500 pesos I spent to this date.

I came into this class expecting to learn more about sex and to dive deeper into my divine feminine; (something that was never taught to me growing up Chinese) and I came out of it, with so much clarity on what it meant to stand in my personal power and to truly take care of myself.

“If I don’t know your “No’s” how would I know your “Yes’ means anything?” said gently by the faciliator.

We live in a world that as young children, we’ve been conditioned to please people. We don’t want to ‘let them down’ so we often agree to things that we don’t really want to do. Or, in some cases we immediately say ‘YES’ to an invitation without much conscious thought and later regretting it or feeling obligated to participate out of fear of being disliked or hurting that person’s feelings. We don’t realize that by saying yes unconsciously; not only are we taking away our personal power, we are actually slowly losing trust.

After all, how would I know that your “yes” means anything, if I don’t know your “no’s”.

In fact, the next time someone says ‘no’, we can practice responding with:

“Thank you for taking care of yourself.”

In doing so, we can start to recondition ourselves to reclaim our personal power and to re-build trust amongst ourselves and with others.

I can admit that there were many times in my past in which I said yes to things when I didn’t really mean it. I did it out of guilt, out of trying to please the other person and out of obligation. Later, I would either suck it up and do it, or flake on that person — and as a result energetically created a void of wishy-washiness.

So when I came back from my trip and wanted my fiancé to help me build my side buffet I purchased for my office and he said “No, I don’t feel like it right now” instead of pressuring him to do so, which the old me would have definitely done, I replied with “Thank you for taking care of yourself.”

If this moved you in anyway, I encourage you to share this post with a friend if you choose to. This way, we can start slowly unlearning old patterns of conditioning and teach self-liberation and sovereignty in the deepest forms.

Lesson #2: You Never Really Stop Learning

Although I went on this trip with friends, it was important for me to break off and do something solo. I felt it was necessary for my personal growth and so I booked a Self-Love Manifestation experience on Airbnb with Susan.

Most people would question why I would partake in an experience that I’m already an “expert” in. It’s true, I’ve spent many, many years in the area of the Law of Attraction, self-love, know and live it like the back of my hand and I’ve even written a book on money mindset and manifestation, Stop Chasing Start Attracting. One would think in a way, I’m going backwards by going back to the basics.

However this is how I look at it and what I’ve discovered during my two hour session. And that is, we will never stop learning and re-learning. Rather, it is important and even sometimes necessary to humble ourselves and continue to learn things even if we already know them.

We never know what someone else’s insight and teachings could bring to light, which is also why I encourage all my clients to re-read books that have once been read before. We are evolving at different speeds and because our perception of things around us change so constantly, we’ll find new insight on old patterns and that in itself could be life changing.

Here are a few things that were presented to me in this session that I’ve never put too much thought in the past and have rediscovered:

“I can’t lose anything that’s not meant for me.”

“Nothing that’s for me would pass me."

“Attracting past versions of myself that I no longer align with, are mirrors that show me how much I’ve grown.”

“If I’m taking action to avoid or run away from something, my energy is not in alignment.”

I encourage you to re-read the above sentences and interpret them the way you feel is best for you. Perhaps you’ll come to realizations that are meant for you at this time and place.

Lesson #3: Discomfort Is Necessary For Rebirth

On the last day of my trip, I chose to participate in a temezcal ceremony. Leading up to the trip, it was one of the things I knew I really wanted to do (not really knowing why) again only an inner pull that kept presenting itself to me.

The funny thing was that my original plans of doing a temezcal ceremony collapsed and I could have taken it as a “sign” that it was not meant to be but this deep knowing that it would happen regardless of where; had me participating in this temezcal ceremony last minute at the exact location in which I fell off a bike, in the beginning of the trip… “I can’t make this up” is what Kevin Hart would say.

Temezcal is a very sacred ritual that originated with pre-Hispanic Indigenous peoples in Mesoamerica. The ritual takes about two hours or more in which participants enter into a sweat lodge with herbal remedies to help eliminate toxins. On a spiritual level, the lodge represents the mother’s womb and being in it facilitates the 4 “doors” opening that represent the 4 directions and 4 elements of life. During each stage, more hot volcanic coals are placed in the center of the lodge, increasing the temperature of the lodge. It is completely dark during each stage and during this time, participants sing, pray, speak and/or sit in silence.

I’ve only did this type of experience once before, and this was after an Ayahuasca ceremony years ago. This time around, I almost felt that it was much, more difficult as there were more people inside of the sweat lodge which increased the temperature. Sitting and laying in someone else’s sweat isn’t the most delightful experience but it was almost as if the people itself, added to the entire experience and the ritual would have been slightly different if even one person was not present.

During the third phase of the temezcal in which we opened the door of willpower; there was a moment in which I could barely breathe. So much sweat was dripping down my face; seeping through my eyes creating a burning sensation that I couldn’t make out whether I was crying or sweating. I lost track of time, sitting in pitch darkness, hearing the cries of the others gasping for air and praying all at the same time. Every inch of my body wanted to leave the sweat lodge and return to comfort. It took immense willpower to even just breathe steadily as I silently whispered “I can do this” to myself.

It was through this experience that taught me that part of life is practicing willpower and inner strength. As much as I can flow and do things with ease, there will be moments that I’ll have to exercise willpower.

And just when we get the hang of practicing willpower there will be a time of death in all things. Whether that is actual death in a family or a death in a friendship, or even a death in beliefs that no longer serve you. It is the conscious choice to let go that offers you the opportunity to be reborn.

I’ve only experienced Tulum for 5 days yet I feel like I’ve had a decade of life lessons that presented itself to me. Which goes to show it’s not how wide but how deep you can go in any type of experience.

I’ve only shared with you the tip of the iceberg of my trip, with intention. I hope these 3 life lessons serve you well and you can live vicariously through my first-hand experiences and make it what you will. I have much more to share so I deeply encourage you to sign up for my newsletter to be notified of my next transmission.

Let me know if you found this blog post helpful. And if you haven’t already, make sure you check out more FREE resources/content!

Till next time!

In devotion,



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