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4 Signs Your Manifestation Is Already On Its Way To You!

Updated: Feb 23, 2021

Lately, I've been getting this question a lot in my inbox, "Kristen, but why is my manifestation not coming to me already!? I've done all the things!!!"

Ok, First of all, hold your whiney horses, cause I'm not the Universe, so I have no idea when YOUR specific manifestation is suppose to arrive... However, what I do know, is that most of the time the Universe is actually showing you signs that your manifestation is ALREADY on its way. We impatient human beings, often tend to give the Universe the cold shoulder, pout our lips and ignore these signs because we're thinking... "Why hasn't it arrived already!?" "I deserve this already!" "Jenny from the block has it.. why not meeeeeee!?!?" So that's why I'm going to provide with you a hack and show you 4 different ways that your manifestation is already on it's way to you. CLICK to watch, if you prefer to watch my face instead of read my words :)

​#1 - Challenges Show Up Unexpectedly Like When Aunt Flo Arrives

The first sign of your manifestation coming, is when unexpected challenges that push your hearty buttons show up. Challenges in the form of life lessons as the Universe is testing you to see if you can actually handle the things that you say you want. That's right baby, polarity. You want influence? Can you handle the keyboard warriors that come with it? You want mo' cash money? Can you handle spending and giving more money away? -- Remember money is like water, it's suppose to flow. You want love? Can you really handle commitment?

These challenges show up because the Universe is trying to test whether you're ready or not for your larger thing that you're trying to bring into your life. Basically, if you're trying to reach a higher level of abundance and wealth, contrast will show up.

​Most people think when they manifest more money, they have less problems. No honey, the problems are still going to be there. It's just a different set of problems. So again, instead of seeing it as a bad thing, see it as a huge sign that you're up-leveling, you're getting up there. So handle the situation with a lot of grace and see it as just a life lesson for you to learn. If something is challenging in your life right now, praise the heavens, cause you are doing something right. The Universe is literally saying to you, "Here it isssss, lemme see you handle this." Contrast still exists, remember?

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#2 Shedding & Loss Like The Hair You See In Your Shower

The second sign is when you start to lose a lot of hair. (just kidding) Shedding and losing things; breaking things, we call shedding. The things that no longer serve you are going to start running the other direction. And although it may seem terrifying in the beginning, it's a good thing. Trust. Cause it's no longer who you are, or what you need. In a way it's a message from the Universe, that the old perception of the way you see things, has done its job and its going bye-bye.

When you are losing things, whether that be people, physical, personal belongings or things, friends, jobs; see that as you finishing one video game level and you stepping into the next. Your bigger manifestation is coming. Cause we all know in order for you to make room for the new, you have to throw the old.

Here's an important tip: You must remember that when you are in the midst of shedding, to look at things differently and just trust that those things are leaving you for a very specific reason. You don't want to block the good energy or the manifestations that are coming your way by being in a sour mood and attaching yourself to the door that just closed. That door has closed, Let it go, let IT GO!

#3 Unique Opportunities That May Not Seem Like Opportunities At First Glance

When interesting opportunities show up, it's asking you to take these opportunities because this person, or this event is actually going to lead you to your desired outcome. How so?

Let me explain: I can tell you from personal experience that sometimes the opportunities that show up are disguised well. Like when I met my fiancé at a door-to-door sales job selling teeth whitening... Had I not taken that job, I would have never met him. Crazy thing was shortly after we met, that job went away. So looking back, that job was just there for me to meet him! So don't judge an opportunity by it's cover! Just because something doesn't seem like it's the "right way" toward your desire, doesn't mean it isn't!

Sometimes when you want something to be manifested, it comes in different ways. It can come in the form of a person. It can come in the form of an event. Take it from me, that when you start seeing these unique opportunities, show up, it's your chance to just say 'HECK YES' to that, and trust that process. It's there for a reason.

#4 Seeing Other People On Your Instagram Feed Manifesting What It Is You Desire

Ahhh, this one is my favorite. And that's because I can relate to it so well. I swear, the Universe served this to me hundreds if not thousands of times. The fourth sign that your manifestation is on its way to you, is when you see that the people in your circle, your social media feed, or the people that you look up to, are manifesting what it is that they desire and achieving their goals. When people in your life are doing well, it's easy to immediately feel jealous and/or upset because that is exactly what you want! This is the reaction that a lot of people would probably experience. (hey I was one of them!)

However, think about this way: when people around you are manifesting things into their life, the Universe is basically sending you a message, "Hey, you are actually next in line. I'm showing you all these possibilities so you can see for yourself, it's possible for you too." If you pout your lips and get upset, that feeling and vibration is telling the Universe that you actually don't want what you want. Remember, we attract how we feel! If you don't feel good about other people's success, how the heck do you expect to receive the same thing!? Madness I say.

What you want to do is celebrate other people's success. You want to celebrate the friends you see that are doing well. Because that's only inviting even more, good energy. My Feng Shui master once told me that people who can never appreciate wealth and love money will never be rich. So remember that any type of negative feeling that you have, is only causing a huge blockage in your flow.

Let me know if you found this blog post helpful. And if you haven’t already, make sure you check out more FREE resources/content!

Remember that your energy is sacred & your manifestation is already on it's way! ✨

xx, Kristen

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