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5 reasons why I love the new 2021 iMAC and how it has helped me in my business.

So I have waited an entire year for this new 2021 IMAC desktop without realizing it was going to come out with all these cool color features. Originally, when I went to the Apple Store just to purchase an iMAC desktop, my intention was for me to just have a good desktop computer where I could sync everything together. Which means if I were to be working on my laptop. I’d want to easily be able to go to my desktop computer and pick off from where I left off. The great thing about the new iMAC 2021 and the reason why I waited so long was because of the new M1 chip processor that the desktop has. Click on the video below to watch my honest review of the new 2021 i Mac desktop!

​#1 - Performance and Speed

Which leads me to my first reason as to why I love this computer so much. Performance and speed. As someone who has multiple projects going on constantly in my business, it’s important that things get done in a timely matter.

The new M1 Apple chip is like.. Actually let me share with you what the sales person said to me...

Think about when you’re driving on a freeway. Would things go much faster in a two lane highway or eight lanes? Basically that’s what the M1 chip does. It literally speed things up for optimal performance and since using the computer for about a week now, I can really feel the difference! Let's just say, I'm not going back to driving on two lane highways no more.

#2 Camera & Audio Quality

The second thing I love about the new iMAC is the camera and audio quality. I’m honestly surprised by how amazing the camera is. Previously, I would use the Logitech webcam, along with the blue yeti microphone to hop on my client calls and record my podcast. Now I can do all of that with my new IMAC without compromising quality! Make sure you watch the video because I show you the two side by side!

#3 Touch ID feature

The third thing I love is the new Touch ID feature on the iMac keyboard. Okay this is a complete game changer. The new Touch ID allows you to login to your computer, pay for purchases, login to any website without a password, and really it’s all through the touch of your finger!!! Like wahhh?! I personally have long nails, so typing in my password every time I log into my computer actually annoys me. I know that’s not the worse problem to have, but I’m not going to complain either when all I have to do is touch a button and everything opens up for me. Or I can just pay for something online with a touch of a finger. I honestly love it so much and it has saved so much time and headache for me. And y’all know that time and energy literally equals money.

#4 Universal Clipboard Option for making yo' life easier

Which brings me to my next favorite feature and that’s the Universal Clipboard option. Okay how cool is this? Basically I could be working on my laptop computer and maybe I’ll need to copy and paste it to my iMac and instead of sending it to my email and opening it on my other computer, I can literally paste it onto my iMac with the paste option. It’s like magic. And unsurprisingly I use this A LOT especially since I love to work in different areas of my home which means I switch off from my desktop to my laptop all the time. Ya girl does not like to sit in one place for hours, I like to move around!

How you’ll do this: Go into your System preferences, then click General, Select “allow handoff between this Mac and your iCloud devices.

Make sure you do it for your iPhone, iPad as well under settings , general and then hand off.

Try it out today. I believe this also works with any Apple product. You don’t necessarily need to have an iMac to do this, although I just found out about this feature when I got the computer.

#5 Color scheme & attention to detail design

Finally, the last thing I absolutely love about the new iMac 2021 is the color scheme and design of the entire line up. So the new 2021 iMac literally has seven colors to choose from. I like to call it the chakra color line up. heyyyyyy! I chose the yellow color because my favorite color is yellow but it’s also because the solar plexus chakra is the one chakra I really want to embody when I’m working on my computer and what better way to remind me of that, then literally the color of my new iMac. I mean seriously, every time I look at my desktop computer and even all the features inside, everything matches and gives me an extra boost of motivation to work.

I literally had a podcast guest today tell me how just choosing her outfits on each morning gives her an extra push of motivation. HOW YOU FEEL IS ALL THAT MATTERS. How you feel is exactly the type of vibration that you put out. So tell me, If you were to choose a color from the new iMac collection, which color would you choose and why!? Let me know in the comments below! Well there you have it, 5 reasons why I love the new 2021 iMac !! I’m all about purchasing products that will help me with my energy management as well as peak performance so if you know of a product you’d like me to review, let me know in the comments, send me a message on IG or email me! and I’ll make sure to review it! Until next time!

Let me know if you found this blog post helpful. And if you haven’t already, make sure you check out more FREE resources/content!

xx, Kristen

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