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How I Help My Clients Use Marketing Strategies That Align With Their Design.

Updated: Feb 23, 2021

One of the unique things, that I personally help my private clients with that I don't think another coach/consultant out there does, (at least not to my knowledge) is helping my clients map out an entire marketing strategy that works strategically with their design, using Chinese Metaphysics and Astrology. I'm a firm believer in CUSTOMIZED strategies as I was burned before by using cookie cutter strategies #firstyearbusinessproblems and because we are all so different, we really cant expect that just because it worked for Sally, it would work for you. So how exactly do I help my clients come up with a marketing strategy that is aligned with them? Well that's exactly what I break down in this blog post:

Let's get into all of this...

Step One: I read their charts/ energetic blueprint

Using something called 4 pillars (Bazi) the very first thing I do is read my potential client's chart to see if we are a good match to work together or not. Naturally, just like the Law of Attraction states; like attract like so I would say about 80% of potential clients that come to me, we energetically match to work together. Some animal signs sincerely clash with each other and I try to avoid working with someone that I know we'll clash or I wont bring them value in being their private consultant. Just briefly looking at this person's chart, I can already see two prominent things that's a must for them: 1) I highlighted the clashing animal signs in yellow and green. Double animal signs are a huge clash and this person has TWO clashes which means it's crucial this person either has a personal mentor that can help them in their business and/or a healer/therapist that can help them with their self-sabotaging behaviors.

2) Luckily though, this person is strongly suited for all things passive income as you can see where I marked those two circles. Indirect Wealth is very strong in this person's career and networks, which means it's important for this person to develop a strong game plan to develop their passive income streams or start one if they don't already have one. They will basically really thrive, making money in their sleep.

Step Two: We look into a strategic game plan for each month of the year.

Every time a new client signs with me and we start working together, I read their charts in extreme detail including, but not limited to, their entire game plan for the year.

Depending on whether this person decides to work with me for a year, half a year, or just a quarter, I always come up with a strategic marketing plan that is aligned with their energy. I have some clients who wants to be heavily involved in this process and together, we will design a customized marketing strategy that they feel intuitively good about. Most of my clients however, completely trust in the process and allow me to come up with the entire strategy and they just show up and follow it. Here's an example of a current client who started working with me in January for a quarter:

1) We figured out her overall intention for the year 2021: Due to her incredibly strong Earth element energy this year, her intention would be CREATION. Creation can be in the sense of product, programs, content, marketing, sales, etc. That in itself is broad. However, because i was able to see that in her 4 pillars, she has the hidden skill of communication AND community. We've decided on Podcasting as the main creative outlet for her in 2021 as well as how she'll inadvertently make the most money.

1) We figured out her game plan for the span of the 3 months working together.

Because she was a quarterly client there was no room for mistakes. (Just kidding, I'm not that much of a hard a$$) However, it was important that we had to run a very tight ship due to the short amount of time we had with each other. (Normally I recommend working together for 6 months to a year if you are a new entrepreneur, if you are a seasoned entrepreneur who needs help on a specific project, working together quarterly would be just fine) Using the chart below we came up for her game plan each month: January 2021: All content strategy and nurturing her existing followers and audience. The intention for this month was to warm her audience up for what's to come. Normally I do not recommend selling something if there is not enough rapport with your audience. She did have some direct wealth in that month for her so she could sell WHEN asked but her main intention was NUTURE.

February 2021: Tightening up her existing systems and building new ones that didn't stop her money flow. This client of mine was already at the level where she had programs to sell but one of her problems was not running a tight enough ship. There were some leaks that needed to be mended and building an even better system was what we focused on the month of February and that is really to prepare her for March..

March 2021: So this goes into exactly what she'll be focusing on March and that is SALES. For her specifically I have recommended a lead generation strategy that has your potential client pay to be a lead. To get her all monetarily stable when she launches her podcast later on that year, it's crucial that she's financially equipped; which is why March energetically will be the month in which she's reaping in direct sales. I'll also have her install a water feature for that month specifically because she has a hidden Wood element and Water will feed that wood and bring in even more money.

Obviously, if you are a private client of mine, we go way deeper into all of this but for the sake of this blog post, I'll try to keep it short and simple and under a 8 minute read. Again, I'm a strong believer in CUSTOMIZED strategies. When I first started my business, I followed cookie cutter strategies from other experts. That unfortunately did not work for me which is what inspired me to develop the system that I have now. Clients that want to work with me at this level, have probably experienced the same struggle. They tried every marketing strategy out there, only to find that the best strategy is following what's designed for them and FLOWS the easiest with their energy. Which brings me to my next point. Please don't try to copy my client's strategy. I mean obviously you could, I basically laid it all out there but rather I urge you to find out what works for YOU.

To find out how you are energetically designed to THRIVE in 2021; CLICK HERE to book a reading with me.

Step Three: Important dates for launches, passive income initiations and manifestation.

Finally one of my most requested and favorite tools that my clients love about my service, is when I hand pick important dates for them to either launch a program, product or service. I can also hand pick dates for manifestation and/or when to invest in a stock. Of course this is only reserved for my high level clients; but using the Tong Shu calendar, I'm able to decipher when is the best date for them to do... anything, really. What we do is hone into what the best dates are for their business or money related activities.

So there you have it!

This is literally how I help my private clients use marketing strategies that align with their unique design. Obviously, that's not all I do, there's also the coaching aspect of it as well which is 80% of how my clients get results; because really, the coaching part of my containers are the movers and shakers. Everything I just explained was only 20% of what it's like working with me. The other 80% I'll.... write about it in another blog post on a later date.

If you'd like to hire me to work with you on your business, I always recommend getting a chart reading with me first. You can do that by CLICKING HERE to book and to learn more.

I hope this blog post truly helped you in some way, shape or form. If you were to take one thing from it. Remember: WE ARE ALL DIFFERENT; what might work for me may not work for you and vice versa.

Here are more direct tools to help you along your journey:

xx, Kristen


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