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How to Achieve Alignment in Your Work with Jodi Kay-Edwards


Jodi Kay-Edwards is a lifestyle influencer and the CEO of Alignment is the New Hustle. She focuses on business strategy and personal development and helps early-stage entrepreneurs align themselves with their business so that they can scale and achieve a state of flow. Her biggest mission is to empower entrepreneurs worldwide to share their message and live a life filled with ease and intention.

I came up with Alignment is the New Hustle as a learning hub for anyone who has a message and believes that they have magic inside of them, and want to get paid for that message.

Why “Alignment is the New Hustle”?

Jodi: I was sitting on my couch one day and said to myself, “You know, I love GaryVee and his hustle, hustle, hustle mentality, but I think there’s a better way. There are people out here who are manifesting and finding the right strategies for how they want to live their lives. It’s all about redefining the word “hustle” to not always mean glamorizing 20-hour work days. It doesn’t mean we’re not working late nights or weekends when we need to. It just means we’re choosing an alternative to the grind and hustle. I grind and hustle in a way that makes me happy. I’m using strategies in my business that are aligned with my mind, body, and soul.

How did you get to where you are today?

Jodi: I was unfulfilled with my 9-to-5. I grew up in poverty. I was born in Jamaica. Being an immigrant in America already has its own struggles. I had to overcome being different and trying to be accepted. I was looking for community growing up who could support my dreams, and it wasn’t in a 9-to-5. I basically created it because I couldn’t find it. I started with one-on-one coaching but got burned out really quickly trading time for dollars. So, I switched over to a recurring revenue model and created a community out of that. I noticed a big gap in people between where they are and where they want to go. I came up with Alignment is the New Hustle as a learning hub for anyone who has a message and believes that they have magic inside of them, and want to get paid for that message. I always say: magic, momentum, money. It’s since grown into a company for CEOs, by CEOs.

How did you change your mindset from one of hustle to one of alignment?

Jodi: In all of my life transitions I always knew I had the choice to make them as easy or as hard as I wanted them to be. That led to my FLOW formula which I use in all my coaching, and it’s the idea that we can break down the process of starting, scaling, and succeeding. The first part is to Find your message, profitable platform, and niche. Next, Love what you offer and don’t commit until you find something you’re passionate about. After that, Observe your business by tracking the right growth metrics. Finally, Work like an aligned CEO.

How do you Find what you’re passionate about?

Jodi: Just follow your intuition. Your intuition is your best business partner. Whether we’re asking for the signs or we’re just living our lives, it will eventually come to you. Notice when your heart beats faster or your eyes light up talking about something. Follow those intuitive nudges because you never know where they’re going to lead.

What were some of the limiting beliefs that stopped you from getting to where you are today?

Jodi: The first one was the false belief that no one would listen to me if I didn’t have all the credentials or credibility. I thought I had to prove to others that I was someone before they would pay attention to me. Two years in, I discovered that there are some really amazing people out there with small followings who have had such a great impact. You don’t need an audience of 10,000 to have an impact. You can make an impact on as little as 20 people. I also had to change my mindset around how I made money to be able to take the leap into a recurring revenue model from only doing one-on-one coaching. Once I was able to remove those limiting beliefs, not only was I able to put myself out there more fearlessly; I was better able to serve my audience and turn one client into two, two into three, and so on and so forth. I was also able to scale my business and income by telling myself that I had untapped income potential. The more I increase my reach and brand awareness, the higher chance I have of increasing my revenue.

How did you bridge that gap between where you were before and where you are now?

Jodi: It came down to a lot of internal work and cutting the BS I told myself. I had to find peace with my own manifestation process by creating habits to incentivize myself to step into abundance instead of scarcity, such as taking money out on a date versus staring at my empty bank account. By building mini-habits, you eventually create enough momentum to manifest what you desire because you’re finally in alignment with that vision.

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