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Done-For-You Marketing Tips in 2022 with Nabeelah Munshi


Nabeelah Munshi is the owner of Bloom Studios. She helps entrepreneurs grow their business with Done-for-You digital marketing strategies, online courses and coaching.

You have to take care of yourself and do what's best for you.

Where do you see digital marketing trends happening in 2022?

Nabeelah: Obviously there's a lot of things that are happening, like the metaverse, a lot of new technology and the AI stuff, and everything. But I do reckon more than anything, there's always going to be human touch necessary. So like bringing your human touch, or your authentic self to your marketing. I think that's like a timeless strategy. If you can connect with people through your marketing or your touch points in your marketing as human, and show your personality, I think that always beats everything else because it helps connect to that. I definitely think there's a lot of technology that we can take advantage of in 2022. Like all the new features that are coming out of Instagram. But I feel like for smaller brands, for small businesses, I think the biggest strategy would be to be human centered. Humanize your brand. And for bigger brands, obviously there's like the AI stuff where they could go crazy with it.

What is your biggest advice for a smaller brand in creating content?

Nabeelah: Well, first I have to pick what platforms their audiences are at. Pick like one or two where their audience will be at and then kind of have a focus on them. When they find which one it is, see who in their niche is doing really well and see what kind of content they're producing. That's the one way. And then also another way is to really dig deeper into their audience's pain points. So they can really, really figure out what their clients are struggling with and they can create content around that. And again, I would say not to give away everything. I always say this, always leave out the how, only say the what and why. I don't think you should go with trends. I think you should kind of go with where your target audience will be. For example, if your target audience is younger then use TikTok. If your target is older, of course, like maybe Instagram or Facebook. So it really depends on your ideal clients. I would say not to jump on each trend.

What does Done-for-You digital marketing services look like?

Nabeelah: I work very, very closely with my clients. So I think a lot of my clients that worked with me, trust me. When I create content for my clients, I come from a marketing aspect. They can create trendy content, they can copy content, they can keep saying things, but I come from a very like marketing based approach and then I will try to sell their services. So I know people are usually attached to their brands and they don't want to delegate that, which I can understand. But I feel like if you don't have enough time and you're running a full-time business, you kind of have to let go a little bit. If you're only looking for Instagram marketing, everything in your content, strategy, engagement, all these things. But also done for you looks so different for everyone. So basically when we have our discovery call or they want to get a proposal, we'd get on a call. I really understand what their goals are, who their target audience is and everything. And then I'll create a proposal and then I'll send it to them.

What are your top 3 tips for growing on Instagram?

Nabeelah: One, I would say show up, show your face as often as you can. I think that's like a big thing to help people connect with you. And second, actually go out there and engage with people in the niche that you have currently. Go to the influencers and the accounts that are big in that niche, and see who their followers are. Kind of see who's commenting on their posts, engage with them. Engagement meaning like the outbound engagement strategy. Lastly is providing good value. So like you're connecting with your audience, you're showing your face. So you're humanizing your brand and then you're providing really good value.

How did you get to where you are today with all of the low points in your life?

Nabeelah: So I was born in Pakistan. I had a lot of conditioning from that because I lived there since I was 14. From 14 to 18, I was in Malaysia. When I went to America when I was 18, I really had a lot of existential crisis, religion crisis. I was like, “Oh my God, If they believed that over there, just because they were born there and they believed this if they were born here, what is actually a truth?” I went through a whole self-discovery journey and then I kind of slowly started realizing there were a lot of things that I was told in childhood, especially around being a woman and what your responsibilities are, how you should be like how you should carry yourself. That really made me. I actually went through an eating disorder, like a really bad one. That was my first step towards personal development. So I got a mindset coach. And she really helped me through. When I was at the lowest point, I realized that no one talks about it. Like I was suffering on the inside and nobody really knew this and everything. And I would read a lot of stuff because I wanted to help myself. And I realized there's so many people going through the same things. And it really helped me. And so then I started my own podcast, “Dear you” and I started sharing all the things that I was going through in life. And then I started getting a lot of messages saying, “Oh my God, it's like, you're saying everything that was in my mind” and all that stuff, because I've always been very articulate with my feelings. So people who can't actually articulate their feelings, they would always be like, “Oh, you give words to the things that I don't know how to explain.” That's why I've just been comfortable because I feel like we're all just humans and we all struggle somewhere or the other and there are some things that we all go through.

What advice can you give to entrepreneurs who are experiencing what you went through?

Nabeelah: One thing I will say is that nobody's coming to help you. I realized that the whole point for me to have that eating disorder was because of how people are perceiving me. I was so worried about how people are perceiving. But then I realized at that point that nobody comes to help you in your lowest points. Nobody's going to be there. So why really care about anyone and how they're going to perceive you. You have to take care of yourself and do what's best for you. And that really changed a lot for me. As long as I'm being honest to myself, as long as what I'm saying at the moment is true to me, it's fine. Because of course, as humans, we also evolve, maybe I said something a year ago that I don't believe in anymore. Maybe it doesn't match with my personality anymore, but as long as I'm being myself, as long as I'm trying my best doing my thing. I think it's fine. Especially, maybe for somebody who doesn't like to ask for help, I'm sure there'll be a lot of people who will be like “Yeah, of course.” They want to help. But when you’re at your lowest point, nobody can take that feeling away from you. Nobody can step in and like to take it from you. You are the one suffering, you are the one going through it. So you might as well, put all your energy and effort into making your heart, your spirit, your mind, like the best ever. And do what's best for you.

What can you tell people that are hesitating on getting Done-for-You services?

Nabeelah: I think the biggest obstacles for Done-for-You services are either money or they're really not willing to give up control. With money, you get a return on investment. So you have to invest to get a higher investment. You can keep going, if you don’t put anything into it, you’re not getting much back. Second, the controlling part. I would say try to let go of a little bit of control and you'll see how much more successful you get. You can't keep running all this stuff. If you want to be the CEO, you're not going to be doing all the day-to-day tasks when you can make your life easier, you can free up your time. You created your business to free up your time and for this lifestyle and everything. So you have to learn to be able to delegate and find good people who can actually get you results.

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