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Magnetizing Wealth Through Spirituality and Pleasure with Viola Hug


Viola Hug is a soulpreneur, psychic business coach, bestselling author of You Are an Abundant Babe and host of the Spirit Sex Money podcast: The Viola Hug show.

In this episode, listen in as Viola gives her thoughts on abundance and wealth consciousness, and why pleasure is vitally important to success of any kind!

“Fear shows up to elevate you; not to lead you.”

You posted this quote on IG recently. What inspired you to do so?

Viola: I talk about this concept of working with our soul and our human. Though I’m very much in the spiritual realm, I have such a love and reverence for the fact that we are human. There are so many parts of our human that are amazing, like hugging our partner or eating delicious food or watching a sunset. But, oftentimes, we condemn parts of ourselves for being human like the ego thoughts, the fears, the doubts, the societal conditioning.

This is a really big piece of what we’ve come to heal and transmute, and become aware of. I see this dance happen where we really need to honor both.

What gets people caught up, is that they see the fear and allow the fear to lead them and make decisions for them, versus understanding that the fear is showing you where you’re about to have a breakthrough. Your soul is giving you the inspiration to share something vulnerable because it’s correct for you, liberating for you, healing for you, and powerful for you. It’s our soul that we’re meant to be led by; not fear.

How did you get into all of this?

Viola: The huge pillars for me are abundance, spirituality, and pleasure. My breakthroughs actually happened in that order. I’ve always been a relatively inspired child. I went through a lot of trauma, especially during my teen years. I was beat-up by the time I was in my 20s, and I knew in my heart then that there was still more, but I was really challenged by my own inner demons.

I was very self-destructive because I was doing everything I could to be loved and witnessed. My turning point was when I decided that I needed to change, or else life was not worth living. I realized that being an employee was not for me and that I wanted to be an entrepreneur. But even when I went down that path, I was doing everything for external reasons—for approval. I was hitting goals but still felt empty and tired. I actually got into six figures of debt along the way even though I was doing everything “by the book”. I was almost forced into having a spiritual awakening and embracing abundance this way: I started learning about the energy of money and the Law of Attraction. I practiced what I learned, and my psychic gifts opened up, which inspired me to launch a coaching business—and to do it my way. Within the first year of that business, my husband and I sold all our belongings and started traveling full-time. I scaled my business to consistent $10k months and beyond. My business went to multiple six-figures while I was traveling. When I moved to Canada and had a baby, I had my next-level awakening into sexuality and pleasure. It became obvious that it was a core piece toward expansion and growth and fulfilment in life.

What made you realize that the key was to turn inward after seeking external validation for so long?

Viola: While I still love money now, back then I thought that having more money was the only thing I needed to feel abundant or successful. I tied my identity to money. After reading the book Money, A Love Story, I learned that money is energy and that I could feel abundant even before external circumstances have made actual wealth a reality. It’s really the inner work that changes our external experiences.

What does “abundance” and “wealth-consciousness” mean to you?

Viola: I see money as an energy that is continuously flowing, like a river. It’s always there. It loves to dance, flow, and be in partnership. Money is our birthright. The problem is, we often create all these limitations against our having it because we think that having money is a product of our external experiences. Abundance means we know it will always be there. The key is to trust, because it’s a feeling more than anything else.

What can people take away from reading your book?

Viola: I wrote You Are an Abundant Babe when I was in the midst of my digital nomad life. It’s about how to tap into this energy of abundance in your life, and then to amplify it. I go through eight main pillars, from the choices that we make to shifting our perspective on different aspects of life to how we navigate tough situations. What matters is that, however we operate within these eight pillars, they have to be in alignment with the abundance that we desire. I talk about how all this shows up in our business and in our purpose. Every single chapter has an integration guide on how to actually apply everything I teach into your life.

What were some of your deepest limiting beliefs that stopped you from becoming the person you are today?

Viola: This is something that I don’t think just goes away. I feel that a lot of our fears come back multiple times. I always say that we learn and heal in layers. A lot of those early fears still exist within me. I just navigate them differently now, and I heal differently as a result, layer-by-layer. The first fear I had was, “Do I even have value? Would anyone really pay for what I had to say?” It’s not so much lacking a feeling of worthiness, but whether it was worth the risk to take action on what I may have felt myself worthy of doing. I have this fear at every stage of my business, so I continually have to work on it.

When did sexuality come into your business?

Viola: I always knew that this was an important part of my business, but I got sidetracked for a while for personal reasons. I knew that shame around sexuality was not supporting me in my life. I read the book Pussy: A Reclamation and a whole new world was opened up to me. I became aware of how important sexuality and pleasure was to our ability to receive. Shame is not something that we should ever carry with us; but, it can serve as a portal to our biggest healing and our biggest breakthrough. The minute I added pleasure to my work, everything increased in value a hundredfold. Pleasure is our portal to truly enjoying our life. The energy of pleasure is the same energy of receiving money. And that’s whether the pleasure is sexual or non-sexual. Pleasure is all about your enjoyment of being inside your body. It increases your capacity to hold more. How can you be liberated and embrace yourself and experience abundance if you’re suppressing a major part of who you are?

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