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Moldavite Money Attracting Secrets (Beyond The Law of Attraction)

This blogpost is for those of you who already know what the heck Moldavite is, and want to find advance methods of working with this transformative stone to manifest more money and wealth. If you're new to moldavite CLICK HERE to learn about it first.

To be crystal clear, there is no such thing as free lunches. Which means, if you're hoping to get rich just by doing nothing at all and buying a piece of moldavite, then I'll let you know now, that this article is not for you, nor is any of my content. Bye 👋🏻

Check this out -- I'm a strong believer in the Universal Law of cause and effect which basically means an action is always accompanied by its consequences. You can't expect to eat junk food all of your life and not have health problems. And same goes with money, you can't expect to earn more money, when you don't even have a relationship with it. Makes no sense. So I highly suggest that you work on your relationship with money before you even think about working with advance methods of manifestation and moldavite which I'll be disclosing in this article. To learn exactly HOW to build a strong relationship with money so money is actually attracted to you, check out my book Stop Chasing Start Attracting by CLICKING HERE.

If you're ready to earn and manifest more money with advanced moldavite techniques than put your seat belt on because I'm about to share 3 different techniques below. CLICK to watch if you prefer to watch my face instead of my words:

#1 Meditate with Moldavite

Simply owning a moldavite is not enough. It's like owning a puppy but paying no attention to it or trying to grow a garden and not watering or paying any attention to it. I have done both and know it requires time and energy to do both. Same goes with moldavite. How can you expect moldavite to help you in your life, if you're just going to let it sit there. You don't use it, ya lose it.

So my first tip is to spend sometime meditating with moldavite each day and actually BUILD a relationship with it. How do you build a relationship you might ask?

  • Talk to it ( aka scripting )

  • Pay attention to it (aka set your clear intentions with it)

  • Imagine your life with it (aka create a vision board/collage to help anchor your intentions)

"But Kristen! Moldavite is a stone... i can't possibly do all of those things with an inanimate object!?"

I know that this is the part of the blogpost that I might lose a lot of you, but for the ones that are still here; are we not certain that energy is basically EVERYTHING?? The other day, I was staring intently at my garden bed for 5 minutes and it was MOVING! So if I could see soil move, then Moldavite (a tektite that basically fell from the sky) is vibrating at a certain level and it's really your job to connect with it (that is if you feel drawn to work with it) Can I give you an EVEN more advanced technique? Try setting your intention and meditating with moldavite on a New Moon in your personal direction. (I give you your personal direction in a private reading with me.) The New Moon which literally occurs every month is the day when the Sun and the Moon is in perfect alignment. Think of the moon as the earth's help desk and also a way to receive your desires. I mean, just think of the moon and sun for a quick second. The Sun gives off energy and the Moon absorbs and reflects back. Therefore even in Chinese astrology the Day Pillar (which represents your Sun) is the aspect of yourself that you give to others where as the Hour Pillar (which represents your Moon and subconscious) is all about ATTRACTION and how you can generate wealth.

2# Create a crystal grid and amplify your money desires

I use to get asked this a lot... what can a crystal grid help me with? And honestly i couldn't explain it in a way that made sense but now I can. Ready for it? Think of building a crystal grid like holding a megaphone speaking to the Universe. And if the Universe was a person, do you think they would hear you or Sally over there who's using her indoor voice.

Building a crystal grid is amplifying the energy and the intention behind the crystal grid. If you have no idea what a crystal grid is, it's basically an arrangement of intentional crystals in a specific sacred geometrical shape. You can literally google crystal grids and a ton of templates will pop up but I highly suggest creating it with moldavite and having your desired outcome being surrounded by your crystals.

#3 Wear your moldavite and be in close contact with it

You wouldn't want to give someone something if they don't even want to touch you right? Lmao I mean, it would be kind of weird to expect my fiancé to have any type of relationship with me, if we were not intimate right? So think of wearing your moldavite as a way to further build that relationship with it. I know this probably sounds weird for you if you have not worked with energy at this capacity but at the end of the day, everything around you is energy and the more you can accept that and even play around with these energies the more you'll realize that you were not all that crazy when you had an imaginary friend when you were 5. In fact, kids in itself is more in tune with themselves and more in flow than any of us adults are.

So there you have it, 3 advanced techniques to use moldavite instead of it just sitting on your shelf collecting dust. Try these on for size and send me a message on Instagram and share with me your results.

If you'd like to see how I make money intentions with the moon and moldavite make sure you follow me closely on my Instagram stories as i'll be conducting all of my techniques on that platform. If you're feeling like this article wasn't enough and you want to go EVEN deeper with moldavite check out my program, Moldavite Secrets!

Let me know if you found this blog post helpful. And if you haven’t already, make sure you check out Money By Design Essentials!

CLICK HERE to book a call with me to find out your PERSONAL DIRECTION to amplify your intentions even more.

Remember that moldavite is a sacred tool and just like any tool out there, you want to know HOW to use it.

xx, Kristen


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