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My 7 Step Email Sequence for Conversions

*This post was inspired by Yara Goldman and Russell Brunson*

I'll hate to admit, my first year in business, I did all the wrong things. Looking back three years ago, it was embarrassing and desperate on my end and as much as I wish I could go back in time, I'm pretty sure it served it's purpose because now I can confidently say you can learn from my mistakes. First of all, if you're trying to start a business and make money FAST, then I'm going to take a giant pin and burst your bubble. That's how they lure you when they slide into your DMs and introduce some special opportunity that you'll be an overnight millionaire. Take it from Picasso when he said "It took him a lifetime."

I made that mistake my first year in business, trying to make money as fast as I could (because I didn't want to go back to the 9 to 5 job life) and instead of nurturing my relationships with my potential customers, I became that booty-call guy (or girl). You know the one that calls you only when he/she wants something but doesn't really care to have anything to do with you in the long run? Yeah, I was that guy. Except I'm a woman. You get the point.

The good news is that I am no longer that person anymore. (To be honest, that Kristen three years ago was not operating from her highest self. I was greedy, selfish, scared and desperate and I showed the worst parts of myself that first year in business.) You ready to get into the meat and potatas of this blog?! After realizing my mistakes, I beat my head with an imaginary stick and vowed to myself that I would never be that manipulative, lowest vibration version of myself and I turned ship. I started going back to the basics and asked myself why I was so successful when I was a marketing consultant in Armenia and I also asked myself why I purchased from other brands that I was loyal to. The answer came to me almost immediately: Authenticity and relationship building. Let's be real here, nobody likes it when a relationship is one-sided. You know that person you meet and all she does is talk about herself but never asks you any questions about yourself?BTW , that's an actual pet peeve of mine. Same goes with your audience, customers and clients. Can I let you in on a secret? Nobody likes to be sold to, but everybody loves to buy. That's code for: People want to buy from you, they just want to make sure you're going to take good care of them, your products don't suck and that you're a real person. So here's my 7 step email sequence that I personally email to my list, when they either opt in for a freebie or join my newsletter: **I'd like to give immense credit to Yara Goldman for inspiring me with her 6 step email sequence. Except mine is 7 because (well you'll find out) and this exact sequence that I've tweaked and made my own gives me a whopping 40% open rate.**

Email #1 - Laying the foundations for all your new people aka the root chakra email.

The first email you send is the email where you give your FREE offering. That's why they signed up for your list to begin with. It's kind of like if you were to be minding your own business and you see a sign for FREE chocolates, If you walk over, you're going to expect FREE chocolates. It would be weird if you didn't get that. So the first email I like to send is always laying the foundations and promising what it is that I promised them. I'm not looking to sell anything. In fact, at the end of the email, I kindly ask them to check their emails tomorrow because i'll be sending another email that might interest and help them. So that's all. I deliver what I promise and I invite them to open my email the next day. This is also code to my new potential client that; "hey! I wanna build this relationship with you, I'll hit you up tomorrow." If you start selling at this point, you're going in too strong. You might as well ask this person to marry you. Hell no. Creep.

Email #2 - The Authentic Introduction

aka the sacral chakra email

Your second email is where you tell your story. By this time, the person that opted into your free thing are either going to do one of two things: One, hate what you created and unsubscribe from your list. Or who knows, maybe they just signed up just to get that free thing and that was their only intention. If they have no interest in you or your business then LET THEM GO. Remember this is not one sided. I've been in cases where I'm too nice and all I do is give, give, give. That's not healthy either. Same with business and email marketing. The second thing they'll do is open your second email. By this time, they are interested in who you are. Think meeting someone on Bumble BFF (that's a real app that I use to make friends-- and i love it) You're attracted to their profile (your free thing) and now I'm wondering If I'll like this person. Who is this person all about? Do I have anything in common with this person? Will this person get me?

Yea --- all questions your potential customer is also thinking. This is where you tell your story. But this is where the creative part comes in. You don't tell this person your whole life story. You tell the parts that are related to your business, your product and how you got to doing what you are doing now. For a real life example check out the ABOUT ME section of my website. Here's an important note: Please authentically tell your story. Meaning YOUR story. I have met way too many people TRYING to be authentic and interesting (because they don't feel like they are interesting) so they make something up and I CAN TELL. Um... okay, that is so weird. It's kind of like when Kevin Hart says how the first years of his career, he was TRYING to be funny instead of BEING FUNNY. In Kevin's book You Can't Make This Up, he admits to making shit up to be funny early on in his career. The moment he stopped lying to everyone else including himself, that's when his career skyrocketed as a comedian. Moral of this story: BE YOURSELF.

Email #3 - What you do confidently

aka the solar plexus chakra email

Third email is all about what you do. If the person that opted into your list is reading your emails now and haven't unsubscribed, they LIKE YOU and your story and want to keep going. Btw, expect to have people unsubscribe to you. You gotta remember that you are paying for people to be on your list. You don't want to keep people in your life if they don't want to be there. What a waste of time. Same with your email list. Again, don't be sad about people unsubscribing. I rather have a larger open rate than a larger list. This email is all about WHAT YOU DO. What do you do? Aka what's your business mission? This is where you introduce your framework. If we were to meet at an event or party and I asked you what you do, what would you say!? And throw out the whole elevator pitch thing. Your email is not an elevator ride. No offense, I never connected with someone who gave me a one-liner. I connected with someone who was real, who showed me their flaws in a graceful way, who was human and genuinely wanted to help me. So yea, if you were to meet me at a party and I asked you what you did, How would you respond? If you'd like to see my emails in action, download my latest FREEBIE by clicking HERE or the email below:

Email #4 - How You Lovingly Do It aka the heart chakra email

By this time, you may have noticed a pattern, and that is my emails are based off of the chakra system. Your 4th email is all about HOW YOU DO IT (your own special way edition) Let's say we were to meet at that same party and you were to tell me that you're a reiki master. I'd be like, hm okay, tell me more about that. That's code for: what makes you unique as a reiki master? How do you do it? What's your unique framework?

For example, I'm not your regular money mindset and business coach. I have a proprietary framework that I take my clients through called The Cash Flow Trinity™ based off of Chinese Metaphysics. My formula is different. My methods are unique and that's what sets me apart from other coaches. Look, I don't want you to worry about "being different" you ARE different!!! We all are. Tap back into your story and go from there. My business was created from my childhood, my story. I didn't sit there and think up teaching Chinese Metaphysics. It sort of just happened when I stayed true to me. How do you serve your clients? This is what email #4 is all about.

Email #5 - Your Truthful Merits

aka the throat chakra email

You're still with me right? It's time to get deeper into the truth. Email #5 is all about sharing with your audience how you learned what it is that you're teaching/selling now. I really hope you are not one of those people who are teaching or selling something that you don't actually do yourself. If you are, sorry this post is not for you. In order for you to ethically and morally teach and/or sell what you're selling you gotta A) been through it yourself B) actually would genuinely buy your own products. So this email is all about sharing with your reader, how you learned the thing you're either teaching or selling them.

I'll use myself as an example: I practically failed my first year of business because I didn't work on my money mindset or have the right intentions and I had to spend 2 years working on my money mindset. I even did Ayahuasca while my adopted pup watched my puke in a bucket, and hired my handful of healers/therapists to get to where I am today. You can learn more about my story in my email sequence but you get the jist right?

A master doesn't become a jedi master overnight, he went on a long journey, what's that journey of yours? Write it in that email.

Email #6 - Intuitively & Intentionally Choose Your Customers aka 3rd Eye Chakra

Did I just see your jaw drop right there? Yes, you can choose your clients/ customers. In fact, your energy is precious and just like you can choose your friends, your spouse and although you can't choose your family (you can choose how much you spend your time and how you respond to them) you can choose your clients. Yasssssss this is where it gets good. Clap clap. Stop thinking you need to work with every client/customer out there. If it's not an ideal fit, it's time you say no. That person is not meant to work with you or buy your product. Stop being so greedy, when you can let go of the clients that don't serve you, you welcome the ones that are your soulmate clients. Email #6 is all about sharing with your reader who exactly it is that you help. This is the email that I am intentionally stating the type of person that I am trying to help, who they are and their traits and qualities. Don't believe me? Sign up for my newsletter and see for yourself.

Email #7 - How You Can Welcome Them Into Your World

aka the crown chakra email

The last and final email is where you show them the gateway to your world (aka your products and services) Here's what I learned and i'm still learning 3 years being in business, people will buy the product that they want. Obviously if you only have one product then you're going to share that product but let's say you have several, like me: where I have a book, I have online courses, and finally my highest level service is consulting. I lay it alllll out there on that one single email. Here's why: I use to believe to only have one call to action. But I realized that I was getting a lot of inquires about my other programs. And it hit me like a ton of bricks that the people who want to buy from me wants to see my entire menu so why would I just show them one thing. It's kind of like going to a restaurant and the waitress only presents to you the most popular appetizer and you're like.... but I want the chef special.

My point is that I have had people come into my world and immediately want to start coaching with me. I'm not going to turn them away and be like, no you'll have to buy my book first.

I give them the entire menu. In this final email, you'll lay out your menu of services and invite your reader to become a client. It's as simple as that. If you just read that sentence and told yourself "I can't just sell all my services at once" then you probably still need to work on your money mindset. And if that's the case, please grab my book to help you with that:

but seriously wait! ***Last and definitely NOT least****

I intentionally saved the most important part of this 7 step sequence for last, to make sure you're paying attention... After every email that I send, I ask them a question. That's right I ask questions. THAT IS MY CALL TO ACTION. I am encouraging my readers to respond to my emails and build a relationship with me.

It's 2021, you can basically build a relationship anywhere, except the foundations are the same as when Jesus walked the Earth. It's a two way street. You're not just talking AT your readers in an email, you're talking WITH them. And part of having a conversation with someone is when it flows and how it flows is when you INITIATE questions.

Here's a question for you: Did this 7 step email sequence of mine help you? Did it make sense? If you're still confused, opt into my emails and start a relationship with me. See how I do it and I don't know, try it out for yourself. But please don't copy and paste, my emails and use that as yours, cause that's weird and you're not me. I feel like I have to put this disclaimer out there cause I have seen many people copy me word for word and I'm like yo, you don't realize the karma that's about to come at you.

Anywayyyyyy I hope this blog post helped you in some way, shape or form. If you were to take anything from it. Remember: authenticity, relationships and asking questions.

If you haven’t already, check out my latest freebie: What Book Must You Read To Make A Comeback in 2021: Based Off Your Chinese Zodiac.

xx, Kristen


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