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Uncovering the Roadmap of Your Life Through Human Design with Stephanie Smolders


Stephanie Smolders is an online business coach and a marketing mentor. Through the years, she has helped hundreds of individuals achieve freedom and make an impact.

In this episode, listen in as Stephanie talks all things Human Design and how understanding your type can make you a better entrepreneur and human being!

“To speak my truth without worrying about what other people think.

How did you get into Human Design?

Stephanie: It was very much a coincidence. I was on a writers’ retreat and was focusing on my travel website with plans of writing a bunch of articles and even a book. One of the ladies wanted to dive into “Human Design”, which I had no idea about at the time.

This lady, who we didn’t even know the day before, proceeded to tell us truths that we didn’t even know about ourselves. I tried to write it off at first, comparing this so-called “Human Design” to astrology, which of course isn’t true. I found myself looking into it more and more. I already had my business up-and-running then, but it totally transformed when I found out about my design and actually started living it.

What exactly is Human Design?

Stephanie: It helps to look at Human Design as a tool to get awareness of your truest self—the good parts and the parts that you have to become aware of. It gives you that information in a way that connects to your body on a deeper level. It’s not as simple as something like reading your Zodiac sign. It’s more of unraveling a roadmap of your lifelong journey. With Human Design, you see things as they truly are and not just how your mind wants you to see reality.

How did Human Design improve your life and business?

Stephanie: I started to ask questions like, “How can I incorporate more rest?” or “How can I carve out more time to come back to myself and reflect?” I began to rely on my natural abilities more than I felt the need to seek more coaching or courses and other such things. I learned to trust myself and not believe in everything that other people say I needed to do in order to be successful.

How does Human Design take you out of your mind?

Stephanie: Our society, including our parents and our schools, never taught us to trust our intuition. We’re taught to trust others. Your mind collects the things that others tell you, and you shut yourself off from relying on your innate wisdom. When you’re in your mind, you have a certain system in place and you’ll always go back to that system, whatever you do.

But your body knows so much more than your assumptions based on the stories that are in your head. Once you get out of your head and start trusting your instinct, intuition, higher self, or whatever you want to call it, you’ll have a much easier time getting to your true core. Business itself will get much easier because you look for the simplest solutions instead of the established or “right” ones. It may take weeks, months, or even years to restructure your systems, but remember that it’s no different from anyone else who realizes that they have to undergo this vital transformation.

What are the steps to discovering your Human Design?

Stephanie: There are a number of resources, but I use to access my chart and provide information to others. I always have my design printed out for me as a reference guide. Whenever I notice something about my own patterns, I refer to my design. This allows me to learn more about myself on a deeper level. It also helps to have someone to see things from an outsider’s perspective while being there to hold space for you as you reflect on your patterns. Open your chart, go to Facebook groups and other communities filled with people who have your same design. See yourself in them and find out how you can continue to fine-tune your system based on your observations of and interactions with them.

How do you work with clients of different Human Design types?

Stephanie: It starts the same for all of them. They fill in a questionnaire and I look at their business from my Projector point of view. I look at the entrepreneur behind the brand—defining your strengths, interests, skills, etc. With Projectors, I usually just ask questions and they come up with their own answers. With Manifesting Generators, I usually rephrase what they said and help them clarify the point they are trying to make.

How does your Human Design type affect your potential to build wealth?

Stephanie: The cap on your potential to build wealth doesn’t depend on your type. It’s a matter of watching your patterns and pinpointing those things that will influence your wealth and wellbeing.

What are your goals for the near future?

Stephanie: I’m planning on hosting an English masterclass on Human Design, teaching how understanding Human Design can make you a better entrepreneur. For me, shifting the world starts with businesses and entrepreneurs, and it will trickle down to the people dealing with those businesses. We need to serve as the example.

How does Human Design and entrepreneurship fit together?

Stephanie: Human Design is a tool. On a deeper level, it’s about the consciousness and understanding ourselves. It helps us understand our core, our true vision, and the bigger picture. Your business is the next step. It’s the strategy put in place based on your strengths and vision.

Who is Stephanie without any masks on?

Stephanie: I’m just a girl from a very small village who has a really, really big ideal of how the world should look like. I often feel inadequate in handling all this. I have a large picture of this ideal world; but, here’s little old me just trying to do what I can to make it happen. My biggest fear is that I won’t make a difference and that my life will be too short to make my dreams come true.

What lessons did you have to learn to get to where you are now, and which ones are you still working on?

Stephanie: I had to learn to think before speaking. In fact, I’m still working on this. I also had to learn to speak my truth without worrying about what other people think.

What is your biggest advice to those who want to build an authentic brand?

Stephanie: Instead of telling others to not care about what others think, I’d rather tell them to make a separate social media account and invite those you want to invite, then practice there. This trains your mind to get comfortable with sharing. Once you feel safe to share your authentic truth and your inner self, you can do that on your actual platforms.

What is self-care for you?

Stephanie: If most people have pedicures as a form of self-care, mine is that I take my journal somewhere to write my reflections. I reflect on the core me, look at my shadows, and celebrate my accomplishments and the steps that I’m taking right now to reach my next goal. Scheduling my self-care time made me more relaxed as an entrepreneur and not feel like I always have to have a goal to rush toward.

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