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Uplift Your Wealth Consciousness, Live Out Your Life Mission!


Welcome to the very first episode of Bring Your Own Mask!

I’m your host, Kristen Noelle, a transformational coach, speaker, entrepreneur, and author of the 2020 book Stop Chasing Start Attracting.

I am obsessed with all things money, entrepreneurship, beauty, and helping you vibrate higher! Let’s uplift your wealth consciousness so that you can live out your life mission with ease and flow.

I believe it is my personal mission to help people understand their relationship with money.

I decided to create this podcast because I believe it is my personal mission to help people understand their relationship with money.

I myself grew up with a really weird relationship with money. If you’ve read Rich Dad Poor Dad—Robert Kiyosaki’s upbringing was more or less the same as my own, except that I had a “Rich Mom” and a “Poor Dad”. In other words, my parents were complete opposites when it came to the way they looked at money!

As a result, I grew up anxious around the idea of finances and believed, like many people, that money is the root of all evil.

Fast-forward several years when I was first inspired to start my own business while still having a shitty relationship with money. It took me a while, but I was finally forced to realize that I would never be able to succeed as an entrepreneur until I could grow my own wealth consciousness and then build that wealth through a combination of self-care and hustle.

After learning that vital lesson, I became passionate about spreading it to others.

Once you heal your relationship with money, you can make a big impact on the world because you’ll be taking action from a place of abundance and prosperity.

So, aside from solo episodes where I talk about my own experiences and lessons learned around wealth consciousness, expect interviews with a wide variety of industry experts who share how they were able to grow their money mindset and find success.

Stay tuned and, as my fiancé likes to say:

“Put up your mask, put down your guard, and let’s talk about the real real!”

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