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How to Release Stuck Emotions Through Energy Healing with Keisha Frazier


Keisha Frazier is a Stanford graduate and a Facebook employee-turned mindset and energy healer who helps women release the beliefs and stuck emotions that are keeping a lid on their business success.

Energy healing is shifting and releasing energies within your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual body.

Why does one need to look at stuck emotions and how does this actually relate to their success?

Keisha: If you’re familiar with Tarot, there’s the Lovers card, which is about harmony and union (and you can even consider it a union within yourself); then there’s the Devil card which is about disharmony and addictions or greed or obsessions—all of our vices are encompassed in our Devil card. We come into life like as the Lovers card: as our whole, complete soul. Then, we go through life and accumulate this conditioning that brings the Devil card into the forefront, clouding up our soul. So, what we have to do to be more in alignment with our soul, live our purpose, and attract infinite abundance is to release the layers that make up the “Devil card”—all the vices and negative emotions—one by one. As you do that, the Devil card gets pushed out of the way and the Lovers card pushes back to the forefront of your soul.

Why did you leave Facebook to become an energy healer?

Keisha: I had a near-death experience in a boat accident in 2011. I’d already known that I was unhappy at Facebook. Facebook is a great company. In fact, that’s why I realized that if I couldn’t be happy working at Facebook, then I wasn’t cut out for corporate. Combine that with me learning the hard way that I could die tomorrow, and I decided that I needed to follow my heart. I was really into health and fitness, so I went and spent seven years in the fitness industry. Sometime down the road, I discovered someone who had started an online coaching business, and I just went, “That’s it.” It just clicked for me, so I dove right in and started my online health coaching business. Now, being an entrepreneur is hard. It was the hardest thing I’d ever done because I wanted to be successful so bad. So, I dove into my mindset because I knew I needed to heal to make my business work—even though I didn’t even know what “healing” meant at the time. I explored energy healing through mindset coaching. Michael Jackson’s “Heal the World” would get stuck in my head. A couple of months later, during a Reiki certification, I heard: “Stop kidding yourself. You’re a healer.”

What is “energy healing”?

Keisha: Energy healing can encompass so many forms of healing. All healing is energy healing because we’re energy. So, it’s hard to really put it into a box. To put it simply: Energy healing is shifting and releasing energies within your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual body. It’s addressing where there are holes, leaks, and negative energy that you’re holding on to, so that you can purge, balance, and invite in positive energy. When you do that, it allows you to become more in alignment with your soul. That’s what “peeling back the layers” is. That’s what energy healing is.

How can energy healing help someone who is currently feeling stuck in life?

Keisha: It depends where you are on your journey. One thing about healing yourself is that you have to be committed to the journey. It was only after a year of dedicated healing when I started to see the results I started healing for. Everyone has a different trajectory because the amount of healing I had to do is different from the amount of healing you will have to do. You just have to be patient and trust the process. Know that if you show up to heal, you will be guided to heal exactly what it is you have to heal. Remove your limiting beliefs and learn how to let go.

What’s one way to release a “stuck” emotion?

Keisha: Breathwork. Breathwork all day, everyday! Breathwork is the answer. When I’m rock-bottom, breathwork is what saves me. It activates the limbic system in your brain where you store repressed memories that are connected to your emotions. Breathwork is an activation of your energy systems and of your brain.

What limiting belief kept you stuck for a long time and how did you break through it?

Keisha: Letting go is my life purpose. To bring up Western astrology, look at your North Node and South Node, because those will tell you what you came here to do in this lifetime and what you’re supposed to let go of. That’s how I’ve confirmed that letting go is my biggest thing: Letting go of trying to accumulate money and leaning into trusting other people as well as a higher power.

What would you say to someone who thinks that healing seems too hard and is wondering whether they should even go through this process?

Keisha: Follow your intuition if you’re connected to it. Everyone has their own path. If you don’t truly feel called to heal, it may not be your time to focus on that part of your journey. It might be something else. Also keep in mind that, if you’re meant to heal, often, you’re not going to have a choice in the matter. If the Universe wants you to heal and you resist, they are going to take away something from you. We call this “The Tower” moment in Tarot. You will have some sort of upheaval in your life that will force you to heal. So, you either choose it or it happens to you.

What would you say to someone who wants to let go but can’t bring themselves to go through the work?

Keisha: Heal. Find that one reason—the root cause. There is a root cause. Once you address it and release it, you will feel different.

What’s one ritual that you would like to leave listeners with?

Keisha: The thing that I’ve been loving lately are Epsom salt baths. They are so simple. You could call it a “spiritual bath”, too. You can also put some herbs, crystals, or essential oils that you fancy into your bath. Sometimes I make moon water, which is water that’s been exposed to the moonlight overnight, and put that in my bath. I think about energetically cleansing my body as the water washes over me, and I always try to release something as the water goes down the drain. It’s simple, and you wouldn’t think that it would have that big of an effect, but it absolutely does over time.

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